Alex Hirsch was born in Roanoke City, Virginia in 1987. Ever the hobbyist, he has maintained a passion for gaming throughout his entire life. He has also dabbled in: Magic tricks, Greco-Roman wrestling, mumblety peg, amateur comedy, combat fencing, web development, recreational summoning of otherworldly beings, tabletop gaming, podcasting, hip-hop, blacksmithing, and countless other subjects to waste varying lengths of time.

He first attempted podcasting and radio as a teenager using his band's equipment to produce a comedy show wherein he occasionally interviewed local guests, and more often yelled about Matt Lauer and his unprofessional conduct as a journalist. This project lived and died in his basement bedroom, but lead him to entertain a recurring daydream "What if I were a radio guy?"

Some years later - after college, wife, and kids - he was invited to join a budding game community and it's associated podcast. From there he has proceeded to guest and host several other shows. Currently he is a cohost of Geeksquatch Podcast and Projekt Cardinal.

His dedication, diverse skill set, and absurdist humor are points of pride. If you would like to get to know Alex, please find him on the following websites or contact by email directly.

Personal Twitter: @wahirsch
XBL / Streaming / Steam: Grustamar

Philip Stella is a husband, father, and - almost just as important - a gamer! He has been playing video games since he was six years old. From the NES onward he has been hooked. He enjoys all genres, though his favorite might be role-playing games.

Phil has a lot of support from his loving wife Sage to do what he loves, to include participating in his three gaming communities and podcasts. His son, PJ, has already shown an interest in gaming... which makes his father quite proud.

With a passion for the gaming industry, Phil loves watching as it flourishes into the mainstream. His love stems from the immersion and imagination that gaming provides, and he doesn't plan on stopping any time soon.

You can find Phil on Facebook and Twitter.